Audi and her Lost Pines

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I took my last scheduled “girl” trip with Audrey last week. We had already post-poned this trip to the Hyatt Lost Pines because of all the rain, so we were going rain or shine. The weather took me up on that because the night we arrived we ended up in the basement of the hotel with all the guests for a tornado warning. The hotel did a great job with snacks and pillows and water, but it was a tight space and not where I would have chosen to be. After about an hour, all was safe and we came out.

IMG_2855Audrey and I enjoyed our time together for sure. We had breakfast and dinners together, we snuggled to movies at night. We played games and colored. But I know she noticed her trip was not as good. I had built up all the activiites we could do: ziplining, horseback riding, the lazy river and slides. Because of the weather none of those activites were going on. They did open the secondary pool the second day while the big pool was being shocked. Audrey swam for 30 min or so until a little girl threw up in the water… and well, now that pool was closed. We decided to get off the property and ate dinner and went bowling. We came back to a family movie night of the Jungle Book where we were the only 2 watching… haha.  I told her that the next morning was supposed to be nice, we will get up and swim. It was a bit cloudy so we went for a bike ride first. Headed up to our room, swimsuits and towels in hand… “uh, Mrs.Whaley? I can see that you are headed to the pool, and I wanted to let you know that they heard thunder and it is closed.” SERIOUS??

Well, like your average 6 year old, she was bribed with a trip to Target to pick something out on the way home. I had many people who chipped in for this trip and I want to say thank you for making it possible. It wasn’t what we intended, but I know the time with Audrey was well spent.

I was tired on this trip. Slower getting around. Even took a nap one day while she watched Disney. I am so thankful the timing of the trip happened when it did, because when we returned Wednesday, I went downhill fast. Ethan was already working from home, I crawled in bed and didn’t leave. Thursday morning, he called the doctor and we ended up with a procedure and a 4 day stay in the hospital. I am look to go home tomorrow with full time oxygen, less fluid on my lungs and feeling much better. But 1 more day and I would have missed my window with my baby girl. Thank you God for your perfect timing, tornado or not.

4 thoughts on “Audi and her Lost Pines

  1. Thank you Lord for your perfect timing!!!!!!!!! I’m still standing in faith for complete healing Julie!!!!! Love you girl!!!

  2. Cullen and I just watched the video…he was completely enamored and sit still for the entire video ( a HUGE deal for this busy little man). So glad you found a window to go on the trip and took it!

  3. Although the weather didn’t cooperate I know you made it fun for her and created special memories. I’m praying for you to get to go home today and feel much better. I’m so glad you’ll be able to breathe. Love you guys & see you soon!

  4. Julie,
    The trip may not have gone according to plan, but it was just what Audrey wanted, special time with her Mom and all her Mom’s attention. I know it was time well spent – a great investment in Audrey’s “bank”. I’m praying for you and Ethan and your sweet girls.

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