To tell or not…

I was scheduled to begin a clinical trial with MD Anderson Monday, Feb 16th. Scheduled. A normal, scheduled appointment to sign the consent forms for the trial and a post-radiation ultrasound changed those plans. I have struggled for the last few days if I wanted to share this news. I don’t think that every detail needs to be shared, especially before anything is confirmed, but I also know many of you are constantly lifting me up. And if you don’t have the opportunity to pray over the situation, you certainly miss out on the joy of seeing God’s work.

10565158_1586144634956613_6063966244572237124_nThis is my friend, Vikki. I have many who support me, but she was the winner of this trip to Houston last week. She was by my side to keep me laughing. It started with an ultrasound, but what was found was fluid in my right lung. I was headed to my oncologist next, so we discussed the findings with him. The bottom line is to find why the fluid was there. The first step was a chest x-ray. By 5:15pm I was in the scheduler’s office waiting with a kind-hearted employee who was pulling all the strings to get Humana to approve a CT scan. She stayed til past 5:30, when she was off at 4:30, waiting for the email that let her schedule my scan. I was scanned and we were out of MDA pretty quick considering all that we had done that day. My oncologist called shortly after. He was walking through the airport on his way to Mexico and he took a look at my scan results. These people go above and beyond, don’t they?

Dr V said that there was significant fluid in my lung, on my lung… something. He compared it to a scan I had done in December that also showed fluid and there is definitely more now. I have been coughing for a few weeks and have found myself short of breath, so all this is concerning to us. I am waiting for an appointment to be set for this week where they will drain the fluid and test it for any signs of cancer or any other reason that fluid may be accumulating.

There are of course many reason why there may be fluid, but the reason that scares us most is a real possibility. Please continue to pray over us. Pray that the findings from this test are clear and accurate and give us the information we need to move forward. Pray that there is no cancer found. Our minds are scared, but our hearts are secure in the one we trust.